Our goal is to maintain that factory finish on your vehicle and keep it looking new year after year. Just because your mileage is going up doesn’t mean the appearance has to go down. We cater to each vehicle individually and one of our specialists will be more than happy to assess your vehicle.

Paint Repair Services


Auto Paint Touch Up: Ultragloss performs the newest techniques to fill in stone chips, scratches, and other blemishes in your automobile’s paint finish. We add a special thickener to our factory OEM mixed paints to better fill the blemish. Click here for more information about our Paint Touch Up process.

Scratch Repair

Before: Scratch

scratch repair


Scratch Repair: At Ultragloss, we use a special state-of-the-art sanding process to remove scratches from the panels of your vehicle. Some scratches may be deeper than others and you may be able to catch it with your fingernail. You might think it can’t be removed – But we can improve it by 90%! See one of our Automotive Appearance Specialists and see which solution is right for your vehicle.

bumper scrape repair

Before: Bumper Scrape

bumper scrape repair

After: No Bumper Scrape

Bumper Corner Scrapes: Ultragloss uses a professional micro patch paint system to perform these repairs. With Micro-patch, you can virtually perform any paint repair with body shop quality in half the time and at a fraction of the cost. Repairs like bumper scuffs, key scratches, mid panel blends, plastic bumpers, dents, creases and clear coat damage can be performed the same day. Bumper repair is made easy at Ultragloss!

Front or Rear Bumpers [Entire Bumper Repair]: We repair all visible damage to the bumper: scrapes, knicks, and scuffs. Ultragloss then refinishes the repairs with properly matched OEM paint. Rips and severely damaged bumpers can usually be repaired. We use a special plastic welder to fix these rips, holes and other damages.

Pinstripe: Single color pinstripe installed professionally to your vehicle to add a unique touch!

Polishing of Plastic Parts: We have a special polishing technique that can remove scratches from headlights, taillights, black plastic mirrors, door pillars, and even convertible and jeep windows that may be plastic.

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