About Ultragloss

Founded in 1992, Ultragloss started as an automotive detailing company. While detailing vehicles, we saw cosmetic defects multiple times per day that body shops did not know how to fix in a cost-effective way. Seeing a need that wasn’t currently satisfied, we began offering touch up services.

It didn’t take long to apply what we were learning to larger repairs. We learned everything we could and perfected a system to repair bumper damage, scrapes, and scratches for a fraction of the cost of the leading repair shops. We then advanced our service menu to include paintless dent repair, interior repair and rim repair. This is why our customers and auto dealers keep coming back. We are known as your complete “Automotive Appearance Specialist.”

For over 30 years, we have been servicing 400+ auto dealers and the public at our retail location. Whether it is on the road, at the dealerships, or servicing customers at our retail location, you can expect the same high-level elite service. We have 55 mobile units representing each division: Ultragloss, Interiorz, Rimz and Dentz. For retail customers, we have a trained technician on-site in each of these skilled trades. We believe in training each technician in each specific area and not a “jack of all trades” theory.

Retail customers can take advantage of our online estimate service to save time and money. If you need help navigating, call our shop at 330-252-9011 and we will be happy to walk you through it.
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