Rim Repair

Rimz specialists have over 20 years experience in the industry! They have developed a technique to properly restore damaged rims and hubcaps. They stay a step ahead of the competition by focusing on the entire wheel well area, not just the damaged area. Rimz blackens in wheel wells, springs, frames, lug nuts, rusty rims behind a hubcap and more!

Rim repair is a cost effective alternative to rim replacement. Factory rims can be costly- even on
a basic model. Our Rimz team specializes in repairing rims and hubcaps, ridding them of unsightly curb rash, scrapes, gouges and discoloration. Our specialized process is designed to last.

The Rimz specialists at Ultragloss have developed a technique to properly restore your rims. It’s not a “quick fix,” it is a lasting repair.

Do you need our Rim Repair Service?

Did you scrape your rim or hubcap on the curb? Perhaps everyday driving has caused scratches and chips to accumulate on the surface of your rims. While these damages are unsightly, most people deal with it because replacing them is just too expensive. Why not get them repaired for a fraction of the cost?

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Can I get repairs completed if I am a consumer?

A. Yes. Please visit RimzRepair.com to find a Rimz Authorized Dealer near you.

Q. Do you provide bulk discounts for dealerships?

A. Absolutely. We provide a range of contract services to all types of auto dealerships looking to keep their inventory in top shape. The best part is that we will schedule trips as often as our dealership client requires to handle the entire lot on site.

Click the dealer tab for more information or call the shop at 330-252-9011.

Q. What do you do to my rims or hubcaps?

A. We repair, refinish, repolish, paint and fix almost any damaged wheel. We have highly trained
technicians, with over 20 years in the industry, to help repair your wheels back to almost new condition.

Q. Do you fix chrome rims?

A. Because of the complexity of the process and time involved, we do not currently fix chrome rims. We specialize in all types of non-chrome rims and can repair almost any non-structural damage.

Q. How do I know if my rims are structurally sound?

A. The first step is to check the integrity of the rim. We will tell you whether it is in your best interest to refinish or purchase a new rim. We will advise you on pricing moving forward. Your safety is our priority, we want to be sure your rims receive the right service by the right people.

Q. Do you have any other locations?

A. Locate a Rimz specialist closest to you. Visit our rim repair website  for more information about how RIMZ can benefit your dealership.

Q. Is this a good service for lease turn-ins?

A. Yes, it is a great service for lease turn-ins! We are able to save you money on costly repairs prior to turning your vehicle in after your lease is up.

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