Paintless Dent Removal

Our Dentz division offers paintless dent removal. The PDR process does not cost as much as fixing and painting the damaged area. We use the art form of PDR to remove the dent from your vehicle while keeping your factory paint finish in place.

It is often hard to predict if a dent can be removed. One thing that sets us apart from your traditional body shop is that we have an in-house dent technician. If the dent cannot be removed and fixing/painting the area is necessary, we will apply the cost of dent removal to the paint repair cost!

Most body shops cannot offer this “possible discount” because their paintless dent removal work is subcontracted out!

Hail Damage Repairs

Dentz offers hail damage repair services. In the unfortunate event that your vehicle acquires hail damage, our Dentz team can help you restore your vehicle back to its original shape. We work with most insurance companies and since hail damage falls under comprehensive coverage, your monthly premiums should not be affected.

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