For the best automotive detailing in Akron, visit Ultragloss.

Perfect Automotive Detailing with Custom Pricing to Match Any Budget


We offer a variety of vehicle detailing services including paint touch ups, exterior paint corrections, buffing, waxing, paint sealants and complete interior and exterior details. Our Automotive Appearance Specialists analyze each vehicle on a case-by-case basis.

Exterior Detail
We remove all contaminants from the exterior of your vehicle as part of our detail service. Depending on your vehicle you may require a variety of other exterior services including a buff and wax, protective sealants, and more.

Interior Detail
The Detail Specialists at Ultragloss remove the dust and dirt from your vehicle’s interior, touching every nook and cranny. We do not use slimy silicone that masks dirt and debris. Instead, our detailers go over your car with a fine-tooth-comb to restore your interior like new. If your car has additional interior damages, our Interiorz team can take a look and repair the damage verses the expense of costly replacement.

Premium Wash and Touch Up
Starting at just $89.95 our premium wash and touch up will remove the stone chips and small scratches around your vehicle. First we wash your vehicle, removing all contaminants such as dirt, tree sap, bugs, and other regular road grime. This helps us see the areas of your vehicle that really need touched up. We then utilize our special process to fill in the stone chips and road rashes from your vehicle.

Exterior Paint Correction:
Restore the finish of your car with Ultragloss’ Exterior Paint Correction. We thoroughly wash your vehicle removing all tar, tree sap and other contaminates in your vehicles clear coat finish. We clean the rims and tires, also wet-sanding any sandable scratches from your vehicle’s finish. Our specialist will then compound and polish the automobile with the Ultragloss paint perfecting system. This system allows us to remove deep clear coat scratches and get your vehicle’s show room shine back! Over the years we have had customers come in who thought they needed their whole car repainted. This process is a fraction of the cost with amazing results!

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