If you’re looking for an affordable franchise opportunity with low initial investment, Ultragloss may be the right choice for you. We are a mobile franchise with a unique opportunity to extend to self-motivated individuals. Request a brochure here.  Or click here to be forwarded to the Official Ultragloss America Franchise Website.

Market Demand

Ultragloss is a service based business that has grown in the recent economic climate, while others have struggled to survive, because we are ahead of the industry’s demand curve. In a recent study done by Inc. Magazine, the Cambridge Group Noted that revolutionary concepts that leverage “emerging and latent demand” include “companies that don’t just repair things but refurbish them so they don’t have to be replaced. Such businesses would send out service people …to perform checkups, maintenance, and updates on cars, appliances, and other big ticket purchases.[1] We want to grow this concept and this brand by presenting this affordable franchise opportunity to qualified individuals.

The majority of our client base is made up of dealerships because they have a demand for our services. They need to sell cars, and cosmetic imperfections hinder the sale of a vehicle. We fix those blemishes at an affordable rate. Dealers opt for our services over their own body shops because we keep their overhead low and we’re automotive appearance specialist

Check our Automotive Franchise page (Official Franchise Site) for all the information regarding our franchise opportunity.

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