Vehicle Sanitization

Were you or one of your loved ones sick? Some of us live in our vehicles. Most of us drive to and from work, to daycares, sporting events, and other activities. Some take their pets on trips or loan our vehicle out to one of our kids. In short, our cars are a breeding ground for germs. Now would be a good time to get your vehicle decontaminated with our Vehicle Sanitization service.

Using sanitizing wipes may help remove some germs from hard surfaces, but what about the seats, floors, and trunk? The Ultragloss detail department can sanitize and deodorize your vehicle. We can also provide sanitization service alone, though it is recommended to have your vehicle professionally cleaned before utilizing this service.

Our product is not littered with toxic chemicals. It’s organic. You can rest assured knowing that toxic chemicals are not lingering around in your vehicle and the product is strong enough to continue fighting germs and bacteria for 90-days.

Removing Odors from your Vehicle

Not only does our product sanitize your vehicle, but it also rids it of odor-causing bacteria. Did the previous owner of your car smoke? Perhaps your dog had a run-in with a skunk and the smell made its way into your car? We can get those smells out and the product will continue fighting it off for 90-days guaranteed.

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