Exterior Detailing

Our automotive detailing services are the best in town. Our detail department is experienced and highly skilled in their craft. We provide quality service and have the ability to restore factory paint utilizing our exterior paint correction process. We offer a variety of exterior detailing services to match most budgets. Our detail pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis.

We offer premium washes, buffing, claybar, and protective coatings. Our detailers remove all of the surface contamination from your vehicle before adding any protective coatings or other products. When we buff vehicles, we do not leave behind swirl marks or other amateur imperfections.

Premium Wash and Touch Up

Starting at just $89.95, our premium wash and touch up service removes all contaminants from the exterior of your vehicle. Our detail specialist will then mix factory-matched PPG paint and add our three proprietary products for shine, durability, and protection. We finish the job by filling any stone chips and other small imperfections your vehicle may have.

Complete Exterior Detail

Your car will sparkle after our comprehensive exterior detail service. We’ll give your vehicle a premium wash, claybar, buff and coatings with our specialized Ultragloss processes and products that bring out the best in your finish. Does the color of your vehicle look faded even after washing? Instead of paying hundreds and thousands of dollars for a complete paint job, consider our Exterior Paint Correction service. Our specialized technique restores your finish similarly to when you saw it on the showroom floor.

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