If you are looking to protect your vehicle in order to help maintain its value and appearance, Ultragloss has several solutions for you. We offer more automotive appearance services than anyone here in Akron, Ohio (maybe the entire state).

UG Sealant
Paint protection film isn’t for everyone’s budget. Sure it lasts longer than a sealant, but for people who are leasing a vehicle it may be a better option for you to consider the Ultragloss sealant. This sealant lasts for 1-year and helps protect your vehicle similar to a protection film. It’s glass-based for durability and looks nice over your existing finish.

Stone Chip Repair
When you repair your existing stone chips, you prevent the damage from growing increasingly worse and further peeling your paint back. These chips expose your metal, which leads to rust. Rust is unsightly.

Interior Detail
Really, it’s just good practice to regularly clean the interior of your car. A lot of places wipe down the vehicles with slimey silicone which really does nothing but smear contaminants around. The big part is vacuuming the carpets, seats, etc. and using product to pull dirt and debris from the interior of your car. Dirt can cause discoloration on the floor of your car, your seats, and other cloth/carpeted/leather surfaces.

All that talk about cleaning the inside of your vehicle, also reminded me of the importance to decontaminate your vehicle. Besides the dirt, germs are the bigger concern. Our decontamination service kills germs for 90-days and it’s an organic product so you don’t have to worry about unwanted chemicals around your loved ones. Click here to learn more about our decontamination services.

Exterior Detail
Making sure your remove the debris from the exterior of your vehicle is important too. You don’t want these things getting ground into your clearcoat and discoloring your paint.

Glass Chip Repair
When you have a glass chip, it can spread and spider out. It’s important to fix the problem sooner, opposed to later. As wind, water, and dirt enter the chip, it makes the repair more difficult. If you want the cleanest repair possible, place a piece of scotch tape over the glass chip to prevent debris from entering, additionally preventing the chip from spreading further. Windshield – or any glass replacement can be expensive. A glass chip repair typically costs about $40 and in most cases, you won’t know it was ever there.

Steve Marble, Founder

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