Well we got back from Florida’s Annual Mobile Tech Expo: The Largest Mobile Tech Expo in the nation.  I have gone the past two years and again, I come back impressed.  I’m so excited the mobile industry is promoting cleaner environmental practices.  One of the coolest things I saw at the expo was an EPA approved tent.  This would give mobile techs the freedom to work on more lots and worry less about emissions.

We have implemented several innovative products, but one of my favorites is what we use as part of our decontamination service.  The product is 100% EPA certified organic and it rids your vehicle of germs and bacteria.  For more information, stop by our new location: 1323 Easton Drive, Akron, OH 44310.  You can also call Tom (330)252-9011 with any questions about this service – or any of our other services.

It’s that time of year where fender benders just seem to be inevitable.  We are typically a fraction of the cost of a body shop.  Drive carefully!!


Steve Marble

P.S. …Just to rub it in:

A tree in Florida in January

A tree in Florida in January


A tree in Ohio in January


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