Do you have a leased vehicle to turn in?  If so, you may want to take a moment to read this.

At Ultragloss, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer our customers affordable cosmetic services.  The fact that we are Automotive Appearance Specialists means we can repair cosmetic damages efficiently.  We keep repair areas small. By keeping repairs areas small we save product and time; and that is a savings we pass on to our customers.

lease turn-in

We offer our customers a variety of services to save them money. Click the image for full view and use your browser’s back button to return to this page.

Wear-and-Tear Inspections

If you have ever turned in a lease before, you know the drill.  The wear and tear inspections are usually brutal.  Let’s say you have a cigarette burn hole in your upholstery, a door ding from a shopping cart, a scrape from the kid’s bike, and some stone chips from everyday driving.  The leasing company may charge several hundred, even thousands for these repairs.  We’ve saved our customers thousands on their lease turn-ins and we know what leasing companies look for during the wear-and-tear inspections.  We’ve been in the business for over 20-years and service a few hundred dealerships across Ohio.  If you don’t repair the damages yourself, you may be leaving your checkbook wide open for the inspector.


Check your Lease Policy

It’s a good idea to check your lease policy prior to an estimate. Sometimes dings are covered over certain areas of the vehicle, or minor scuffing that comes from every day driving. Read the fine print because not all small imperfections are considered “normal” wear-and-tear.

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