Due to the influx of hail damage repair request to our paintless dent repair specialists, we felt it necessary to compile a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to hail damage removal. Our Dentz division specializes in the art of paintless dent repair (PDR). The Dentz team will massage the dents out of your vehicle’s body and restore the vehicle’s original shape.

The benefit to using Dentz is that it is a division of Ultragloss. Should you have any additional paint damage from the hail or regular driving, Ultragloss offers a free premium wash and touch up after your hail damage dent repair has been performed. Quality repairs and customer satisfaction are The Ultragloss Family’s top priority.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hail Damage Paintless Dent Repair

Q. My car was damaged by the hailstorm, what is the first thing I should do?
A. We recommend that you look over your insurance policy or speak to your insurance representative to ensure that hail damage is covered on your policy. You will want to know what your insurance deductible is for hail damage (these deductibles vary widely policy-to-policy).
After you have done this, you will want to initiate your claim. We recommend that you write down your claim number and begin looking for places to perform the repair. The insurance company may recommend one of their preferred vendors, but remember that it is your right to have your vehicle repaired wherever you like.

Q. I had an insurance adjuster look over my vehicle and provide me with a claim number and an estimate, but the estimate is less than the estimate the body shop provided me. What do I do?
A. Don’t worry. The place where you are getting your hail damage repair done (the vendor) will communicate with the insurance company to ensure your repairs are covered. Insurance adjusters are skilled professionals, but estimating hail repairs are the vendor’s specialty. Often times the vendor will notice damages the adjuster overlooked and will work the insurance company to insure your damages are covered. This is why its important to work with a vendor that has experience working with insurance companies.

Q. Do I need to gather multiple hail damage repair estimates?
A. No. If you have a body shop you are comfortable handling your repairs, you may tell your insurance companies that is where you would like to go to have the work done.

Q. I’ve got my check for my hail damage repair, now what do I do?
A. Schedule your repair. As mentioned previously, often times the check will be for less than the cost of repairs. Professionals speculate insurance companies do this to keep costs down. A skilled vendor will be able to work with your insurance company to ensure all damages are repaired.

Q. If I make a hail damage claim, will my insurance rate increase?
A. No. Insurance companies do not raise their rates over comprehensive claims. A comprehensive claim is something that happens to your property from a natural occurrence: something out of your control (this is includes hail damage).

Q. Should I just keep my check and not get the repairs done?
A. While it is tempting to keep the money and postpone the repair, it may not be the wisest decision. This could pose problems should you have an accident later and you may wind up paying thousands more out-of-pocket. Additionally, the insurance company may payout less in the event that you have another accident with your vehicle because you did not use the money they gave you previously to repair the vehicle.
Another problem you may incur, should you opt to cash the check, is the value of your vehicle will be lower. If the money collected is not applied towards any liens against the vehicle, the value for the trade-in or sale of your vehicle may not be enough to cover the lien; costing you more money later.

Q. Does Dentz warranty their work?
A. Yes. Dentz guarantees the dents will not re-appear after being fixed. We warranty that our paintless dent repair will not affect the paint of your vehicle. Ultragloss also warranties all the paintwork performed on your vehicle. Please talk to an Ultragloss or Dentz specialists for more information about work-related warranties.

Q. How long does it take to have my vehicle repaired?
A. Typically, repairs take 2-3 days if you are getting a hail damage paintless dent repair. This will vary depending on the severity of the damage. Should you need additional paint and bodywork you may need an additional 3-4 days (for severe hail damage the length of time may increase). Ultragloss and Dentz are skilled in the art of cosmetic repairs and in most cases you will have your car back in no more than 7 business days. If your vehicle does not require and paintwork due to the hail damage, typically the repair will not take more than 4 days.

Q. I can’t go a day without my car, what do I do?
A. Some insurance companies cover car rentals as part of their comprehensive coverage. You will want to speak with your insurance agent to find out if rentals are covered under your policy. Since The Ultragloss Family has working relationship with Enterprise Car Rental, we are able to offer our customers having vehicle repair work done car rentals for as little as $30/day.

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