Gift Cards

An Ultragloss gift card is perfect for the car enthusiast in your life. They can apply the money towards any of our automotive services.

People spend so much time in their vehicles, wouldn't it be nice to put money towards their next detail? We're the best detail shop in town! We've been voted BEST DETAILING on Fox 8 City Voter in 2011 and 2013! We were runner up in 2012. Nobody does a detail quite like Ultragloss!

Perhaps that you know someone that is a little (or a lot) accident prone. An Ultragloss gift card could go towards their next run in with the trash can, mailbox, garage, or fender bender!

Your Ultragloss gift card could also be put to use to fix damages to the interior of someone's vehicle. Know someone with kids? Chances are their interior has carpet stains, scratches on their panels, tears in their seats, or imprints from car seats.

The Interiorz division specializes in all kinds of interior repairs! They're perfect for those people who virtually live in their vehicle. How many stains, burn holes, or other damages do they have? An Ultragloss gift card will help them get those repairs.

Know someone with some dings? The Ultragloss gift cards are good towards our Paintless Dent Repair services. Damage from salt trucks, shopping carts, basketballs and more are covered with paintless dent repair.

In rare cases, when a dent cannot be taken out via a traditional PDR, we'll apply what was spent on the dent towards a traditional paint repair service.


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