We take pride in our work and in building a relationship with our clients.  We know and understand your industry.  When we service your lot we work with your sales and inventory teams so there is less headache for you.  We’re mindful of our work, we don’t interfere with your day-to-day operations, and we truly enjoy what we do.  Our specialists are not only outstanding craftsmen, they’re also professionals.

Higher Profitability for Dealerships

We understand used cars tend to hold higher profit margins for dealerships so we do our best to keep their bottom line in mind. By offering affordable cosmetic auto repairs, we are able to enhance the appearance, in turn accelerate the sale of the vehicle.

Ultragloss Technicians

Ultragloss technicians have earned their title as Automotive Appearance Specialists due to their extensive training. Not only are they trained to fully access the exterior of the vehicle, they will also walk your lot once per week and write down the units that need cosmetic attention.

Your Dealership Grows with Ultragloss

By utilizing the Ultragloss services you are advertising quality, clean automobiles to the customers on your lot. The upkeep of your property is important because it attracts customers, but what attracts customers even more is quality inventory.

So, You Already Have a Body Shop?

You should utilize your body shop for insurance jobs and larger-scale vehicle repairs to make the dealership the most money. As for those pesky dings and inherent cosmetic flaws associated with used cars (or lot accidents), allow Ultragloss to help you maximize profits. There isn’t any overhead associated with an Ultragloss technician, they are not paid by the hour, but rather by the job. They are available on an as-need basis. Most of our specialists set up a day during the week to properly service your lot. Some of our dealership clients have technicians on their lots daily.

REMEMBER: You want your cars looking better than anything else at your dealership. The risk associated with less-than-satisfactory vehicles on your lot is substantial. Ultragloss will help you establish your long-term goal– A solid customer base. The more people talk about the quality cars on your lot, the more people will come to your lot. Request a FREE Consultation Here.

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