This holiday season the top gift in the United States was a fancy I-pad or a Kindle Fire. Just a short time ago, wasn’t it Blackberry? Technology has changed everything and has transcended industries. Even in our industry we have had to go through some major “upgrades”.

I had a customer in the other day that had gone to a body shop and got an estimate done. A lot of body shops rely on a program that helps calculate all the costs that go into and as a result, a lot of places end up costing around the same price. You get three estimates done and there’s not a huge difference between any of them. People come into my shop and they’re shocked because we can take care of those nasty cosmetic collision repairs at a fraction of the price of a traditional body shop.

Did you know that 95% of automobiles have some kind of cosmetic damage? Next time you go to the store as you walk to the entrance, look around at the bumpers you pass. You’ll see little dings and scratches that people don’t bother getting fixed because they’re convinced it will cost an arm and leg. And my guess is, at a traditional body shop it would. The thing is, they’re good at the big jobs: that’s their specialty. If you’re anything like me, those tiny cosmetic damages make you cringe. You spend a good portion of your time in your car, you paid for it, you want it to look nice. So that’s where Ultragloss comes in, we’re affordable because we’ve mastered the art of cosmetic repair. We recycle our paint; this is a savings we pass on to our customers. We also perform paint blends on approximately 125 vehicles per day, so we’re efficient; another savings we pass on to our customers.

We also have other divisions that specialize in other areas of cosmetic repairs. Our Dentz division offers affordable paintless dent removal (PDR). Our Interiorz division handles seat repair and other interior vehicle repairs as well as deodorizing and decontamination services. The Glazz division handles all of our windshield repairs.  In other words, all in one place you can get every cosmetic repair or improvement you would like.

Check our new shop: 1323 Easton Drive, Akron, Ohio 4430. Call: 330-252-9011 and schedule an appointment today. Remember, everyone $100 you spend at Ultragloss, you earn $10 towards your next service. Check out our SPECIALS page for more information.

*If you’re not in the State of Ohio, look for a cosmetic repair shop in your neighborhood. If you don’t see one… Check out our Franchise Opportunity.

Steve Marble



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