So you’ve got all the school supplies, clothes, shoes and accessories for the kids (and maybe


Back to School detailing at Ultragloss

yourself too).  But do you have the vehicle ready?

This is a hectic time of year and more often than not, most parents feel like personal chauffeurs shuttling their kids from location to location, activity to activity.  If you’ve had a busy summer, your vehicle is probably starting to look quite cluttered, and traces of summer are found all over.  Maybe it’s sand from the beach vacation, salt on the exterior of the car from the ocean, or perhaps trash and crumbs scattered about and mud ground into the carpets.  Whatever the case is, we’re here to help so you can start the school year off right!


We Have The Details Covered


Stop into Ultragloss to get the Back To School treatment so you can drive around the kids in style.  Here’s some services to get your vehicle in shape and ready to endure the year ahead:

•Exterior Detail & Paint Correction: Restore your paint, bring out that shine, and finish it out with a sealant that will fight off the little things that damage your finish.  This specialized sealant was made to last up to a year!

•Complete Interior Detail: We’ll completely remove all dirt and debris from the vehicle.  We don’t just rub slimy silicone like the other guys in attempt to mask the dirt: we remove it all.  Your vehicle will look and smell great!

•Sanitization: This long-lasting, 100% organic product continuously fights bacteria for 90-days.  Completely decontaminate your vehicle and continue to fight off bacteria the kids bring home from school—without the harsh chemicals!

So what are you waiting for?  You’ve got the newest clothes, supplies, and more—Don’t you deserve to have your vehicle looking new too?


Don’t Forget

Ultragloss has five other divisions to better service you.  Each division specializes in a niche area of the vehicle.  Do you have rips or tears in your seats? Maybe some dings from everyday driving or large dents from a bike or basketball?  No matter what your cosmetic appearance need is, The Ultragloss Family has you covered!  View our Services page here.

Like our concept?  Think you have what it takes to be a member of the team and run your own truck?  Check out our Franchise Opportunity here.

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