Ultragloss was founded in 1992 with its foundation built on customer service, integrity, and honesty.  We opened as a detail shop in Cuyahoga Falls where we noticed the demand for paint services.  We offered mobile detailing to local dealerships as well.  As more vehicles would come in for details, we would see a number of paint imperfections day after day.

UltraGlos_Family_PhotoWe modified our concept and began offering our touch up services as we perfected other paint repair services.  With the additional service, we began to add more mobile units to our company and started servicing more dealerships who needed our affordable services.  We offered something the competition couldn’t: we focus on the entire vehicle.  When people choose Ultragloss, they’re not just getting a touch up or a paint blend.  Our automotive appearance specialists focus on the the entire vehicle and ensuring it looks right.  This is why we offer The Ultragloss Automotive Franchise Opportunity.

As Ultragloss grew, we saw more demand for other services.  On dealership lots we saw dents, interior imperfections, wheels in poor shape, glass chips– so we began to add to our family by offering other specialized divisions.  We brought in dent repair specialists and opened our Dentz division.  We found interior repair specialists and opened Interiorz.  We built a professional rim repair team and opened up our Rimz division.  Glass chips are also common on the lots and customer cars, so we launched our Glazz team.

We look forward to servicing our customers and dealers with a variety of our services at an affordable rate as much as we look forward to growing over the years to come.


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